Frequently asked questions

Each horse on has a hidden minimum bid so our team isn't forced to sift through too much spam.

No, bids near the minimum will be considered, but are unlikely to be accepted; the minimum bid formula is not perfect in all cases.

Our small team will do it's best to respond to as many requests as possible, but time constraints may not allow for responses to requests that are too close to the minimum bid. Higher bids will be more likely to receive quick responses. If time permits, a member of our team may reach out for negotiation via email or discord if your bid value is in the ballpark.

Yes, please allow at least 24 hours before re-submitting an increased bid for your request.

Someone from our team will reach out to coordinate direct payment of ETH/WETH to our sales wallet.

Arbitrage Racing and Diamond Hands are two of the most trustworthy and reputable stables in the ZED community.

No, there may be a waiting list to receive an offspring from some of our more prized race horses.

Delivery timeframes will depend on how soon horses are available to breed, and whether there's a waiting list for the horse(s) you've requested. One of our team members will provide the estimated date of delivery prior to any payment.

Due to rapidly changing market conditions, we will typically only book orders for two to three cycles in advance, but there are exceptions. A downpayment may be requested for certain backlogged orders.

Please use Twitter and tweet any feedback or suggestions tagging @ArbitrageRun; our team appreciates all feedback and will respond ASAP.